Movie Review – Logan

Hi guys. It’s been a while. I really should be more consistent so that I can stop starting every single post with that sentence. I’ve decided to try my hand at something new; movie reviews. Spoiler-free movie reviews to be more specific because I really hate spoilers. It’s something I’ve been doing privately and for […]

Is It The Same For You?

I am wearing the flush of joy that comes as a result of someone finding me beautiful just as I am. It is seeping out through my skin and tightening my pores and setting me aglow. Is it the same for you? I am sitting in front of my computer, my fingers poised to type. […]


Memories are Popcorn and cotton candy Bright lights and purple blankets Teardrops and lights dimming Memories suck Memories are Light touches and loving whispers Stolen glances and a friend’s smile Glass smashing and love fading Memories suck Memories are Glass marbles and gold baubles Good news and an aunt’s hug Unrequited love and moving on […]

An Apology.

Hullo! It’s me, Olivia. I’m really really really sorry about the thirty day blog challenge which I didn’t finish. I never really expected myself to finish it anyways. At least I got up to Day 25. 😀 I just lost access to the internet for a really long time and that’s why I wasn’t able […]

30 Day Challenge; Day 25

Something That I Miss. I miss a whole lot of things. I miss Saturday morning cartoons when I was little, and bread and jam before leaving for school on weekdays. I miss many old shows that they’ve stopped, especially Megas XLR, Zoey 101 and Out Of Jimmy’s Head. I really loved those shows. I miss […]

30 Day Challenge; Day 24

My Zodiac Sign And If I Think It Fits My Personality. Well I’m a Taurus. I was born in early May. According to Wikipedia, Tauruses are supposed to be Patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined, placid and security loving… On the dark side, we’re supposed to be jealous and possessive, resentful and […]

30 Day Challenge; Day 23

Somewhere I’d Like To Move To Or Visit. I love Lagos. I can’t imagine living anywhere outside of Lagos. I want my kids, if I ever have any to grow up here. So there’s nowhere I’d like to move to. I would however love to visit Spain and Italy. Primarily for the exotic foods and […]